Pacific Circle Consortium
2018 Conference - Minnesota, USA

42nd Annual Pacific Circle Consortium Conference

Local to Global: Bridging Inter & Intra Cultural Connections

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
July 18-22, 2018
Hosts: Symmetry Systems Unlimited, Hamline University, University of Minnesota, and Institute of Culture, Learning & Leadership
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Annual Conference Venues 1977-2019

 No.  Date  Location  Host

Honorary Membership Peter Brice Award, est.1996  Art King Award, est.2010  Chairperson
 1  1977 Honolulu,
United States
Curriculum Research & Development Group,
University of Hawaii
      Malcolm Skillbeck
 2  1978 Tokyo,
National Institute of Educational Research
      Kentaro Kihara
Malcolm Skillbeck
 3  1979 Canberra/Sydney,
Curriculum Development Centre
      Malcolm Skillbeck
 4  1980 Christchurch,
New Zealand
New Zealand Department of Education
      Malcolm Skillbeck
 5  1981 Portland,
United States
Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory
      Lawrence Fish
 6  1982 Hiroshima,
Hiroshima University
      Lawrence Fish
 7  1983 Vancouver,
University of British Columbia
      David Francis
 8  1984 Brisbane,
Queensland Department of Education
      David Francis
 9  1985 Wellington,
New Zealand
New Zealand Department of Education
      Peter Brice
 10  1986 Honolulu,
United States
Curriculum Research & Development Group,
University of Hawaii
      Arthur King
 11  1987 Hiroshima,
Hiroshima University
      Arthur King
 12  1988 Hobart,
Education Department, Tasmania
      Kerry Kennedy
 13  1989 Vancouver,
University of British Columbia
      Kerry Kennedy
 14  1990 Christchurch,
New Zealand
New Zealand Ministry of Education
    James Gaskell
 15  1991 Honolulu,
United States
Curriculum Research & Development Group,
University of Hawaii

  David Wood
 16  1992 Hiroshima,
Hiroshima University
      Warren Brewer
 17  1993 Tasmania,
University of Tasmania
      Yasushi Mizoue
 18  1994 Christchurch, New Zealand Christchurch College of Education
      Myrtle Yamada 
 19  1995 Vancouver, Canada  University of British Columbia David Wood 
  Neil Baumgart
 20  1996 Sydney, Australia University of Western Sydney Malcolm Skilbeck, Art King, Isao Amagi  David Duffy (Australia)    Neil Baumgart
 21  1997 Ashland, USA Southern Oregon State College   Myrtle Yamada (Hawaii)    Clem Annice
 22  1998 Colima, Mexico

University of Colima

  Warren Brewer, (Australia)   Clem Annice
 23  1999 Honolulu, USA Curriculum Research & Development Group,
University of Hawaii 
  Frank Pottenger (Hawaii)   Akira Ninomiya
 24  2000 Hiroshima, Japan Hiroshima University   Yasushi Mizoue (Japan)   Akira Ninomiya
 25  2001 Christchurch, New Zealand Christchurch College of Education

Clem Annice, Colin Knight, Lee Sun Joo, Yasushi Mizoue

Derek Wenmoth (New Zealand)

  Carol Mutch
 26  2002 Seoul, Korea Korean Educational Development Institute (KEDI)   Yung Dug Lee (Korea)   Carol Mutch
 27  2003 Minneapolis, USA University of Minnesota   Josie Johnson (USA)   Byong-Sun Kwak
 28  2004 Hong Kong SAR, China
School Foundations in Education, The Hong Kong Institute of Education   Christine Loh (Hong Kong)   Byong-Sun Kwak
 29  2005 Sydney, Australia

New South Wales Department of Education and Training

  Neil Baumgart (Australia)   John Gore
 30  2006 Mexico City,
Mexican Ministry of Education, University of Colima, Latinamerican Social Sciences Faculty (Mexican chapter), Autonomous University of Hidalgo State and The National Association of Institutions of Higher Education
Akira Ninomiya Lorenzo Gomez-Morin Fuentes (Mexico)   John Gore
 31  2007
United States
Curriculum Research & Development Group,
University of Hawaii -
Programme Book
  Arthur R King (Hawaii, USA)   Ernesto Rangel
 32  2008 Apia,
National University of Samoa
  Aiono Fanaafi Le Tagaloa (Samoa)   Ernesto Rangel
 33  2009 Taipei,
Department of Civic Education and Leadership
National Taiwan Normal University

Programme Book

  Kuo Wei-fan (Taiwan)   Meesook Kim
 34  2010
United States
Southern Oregon University
Programme Book
John Cogan,
John Gore,
David Grossman,
Byoung-Sun Kwak,
Frank Pottenger
Juli Di Chiro (USA) Frank Pottenger, USA Meesook Kim
 35  2011 Auckland,
New Zealand
University of Auckland
Unpredictability of Education
August 12-14, 2011

35th PCC Conference

  Carol Mutch (New Zealand) Ako Aotearoa, New Zealand Steven Thorpe
 36  2012 Seoul, Korea
Ewha Womans University in Seoul and KEDI
June 27-30, 2012
  Byoung-Sun Kwak (South Korea)   Steven Thorpe
 37  2013 Honolulu, Hawaii
PCC 2013 LogoCurriculum Research & Development Group, College of Education,
University of Hawaii at Manoa
June 3-7, 2013

- Digital Flipbook of Full Program Book
PDF of Full Program Book

Carol Mutch,
Ernesto Rangel
Robert Witt (USA) David Grossman (USA)
Shiowlan Doong
2014 Sydney, Australia The Global Education Project, NSW and the Professional Teachers Council, NSW
Venue: Australian Catholic University Campus
October 17-19, 2014
   John Gore (Australia)   Shiowlan Doong
 39 2015 Suva, Fijii
University of the South Pacific
July 1 - 5, 2015 

Asofou So`o, Tilianamua Afamasaga, Steven Thorpe, Kathleen Berg  Konai Helu Thaman (Tonga)   Cresantia F. Koya Vaka`uta
2016 Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands
CNMI Public School System, Northern Marianas College, RTI International
July 4-8, 2016
Elizabeth Rata  Rita Sablan (CNMI)   Cresantia F. Koya Vaka`uta
 2017 Hiroshima, Japan    
Hiroshima City University 
September 4–8, 2017

Akira Ninomiya   Alexis Siteine

 2018 Minnesota, USA Institute of Culture, Learning and Leadership, Symmetry Systems Inc.,University of Minnesota, Hopkins School District, and Hamline University 
July 18-22, 2018
      Alexis Siteine
 43  2019
 Seeking Expressions of Interest and Proposal
      Rosilyn Caroll
 44  2020    Seeking Expressions of Interest and Proposal       Rosilyn Caroll
 45  2021    Seeking Expressions of Interest and Proposal
 No. Date Location Host Honorary Membership Peter Brice Award, est.1996 
Art King Award, est.2010 


Pacific Circle Consortium

c/o University of Hawaii
1776 University Avenue, CM 130
Honolulu, Hawaii  96822     USA

Interested in hosting a conference?

Two years prior to the year you are interested in hosting, submit an interest statement indicating your desire to host the conference to the PCC Chair.  For example, if you are interested in hosting in 2019, you should submit a letter of interest prior to the 2017 conference and submit your full proposal by December 31, 2017. The response may take up to two months, as the entire PCC Executive Committee needs to consider the request. In addition to the name of your organization and the proposed year, your interest statement should be guided by the following guiding questions:

1.         How long has the proposing member or organization been involved with PCC?
2.         How will the proposed conference contribute to the mission of PCC?
3.         What is the organization considering as a conference theme and sub themes?
4.         What does the organization hope to gain from hosting the conference?
5.         What infrastructure is in place to support the organization to host?
6.         What are the names of representative(s) who will be attending the next Annual PCC Conference?

It is suggested that you request to attend an Executive Committee meeting to listen to another country’s conference hosting presentation two years ahead. The above should be considered the criteria by which the Executive will review your proposal.

At least one year prior to the year you are approved to host, expect to send a representative to the Executive Committee meeting at a PCC conference to present a conference hosting presentation. The presentation should include the following:

  • Conference theme (and sub themes, if any)
  • Location of the conference
  • Two different options for conference dates, usually between May and September
  • Estimated conference registration fee
  • Possible hotel accommodations
  • Air travel analysis for different countries to your country
  • Visa or passport information for entry to your country
  • Name of conference chairperson
  • 50-75 copies of an informational piece (brochure/flyer/bookmark) for all PCC attendees or a link to information
  • Web site address of conference (it will be linked to

The PCC Executive Committee may provide suggestions for revision or issues you should consider after the presentation. Their suggestions come from years of experience with the organization, so please give great weight to their suggestions. If you have any questions, contact the PCC Secretariat at